Travelin’ Man

Tough week travelling for work to Hong Kong.

15 hours in the flying tin can each way plus getting to/from the airport and the early check-in dead time is just killer. Hotel was decent and had a nice gym as hotel gyms go, but it’s never the same as your usual routine, so combined with bad jet-lag all week, managed to put in 3 workouts, but they were all mediocre ones (still better than none!). The weight machines had me converting kilograms to pounds (2.2 lbs per 1 kg fyi) and I always find the tensioning between different brands can be significant. They were also a little repetitive on muscle groups so was tough to get the same full body workout I am doing at home.

Food-wise did reasonably ok – had access to some fruit in the hotel – but going out with colleagues and ex-colleagues every night, it is always hard to stay well-behaved all the time food and drink wise.  Portion controlled where I could, but not everything was particularly healthy even in small doses, and I love dim sum so that’s a challenge.  Didn’t do too bad at all alcohol-wise,, minor overindulgence one night, but otherwise pretty clean.

Most satisfied moment: airport lounge on the way home, picked up an apple and water instead of the heavy food on offer.

Overall, pleased with how things went, Whatever the scale says on Sunday, I could have done way worse.  Rest of the summer is looking clear so plenty of opportunity to keep on track.


About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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