Diet Improvements

As mentioned, biggest diet (edit) dietary issue right now is breakfast at work.  Really poor options.

Earlier I read this post suggesting to swap the bagel/cream cheese for English Muffin and butter for half the intake roughly.  I might even be able to go whole grain on the muffin, which is something else I am starting to try to improve on.  Inspired, I realized I could even make a subtler change and swap the 20 oz coffee for 16 oz without really noticing.  That would eliminate a 20 oz cup per week.   Still not an ideal breakfast, but looking forward to it tomorrow.  Thanks Danyale!

Felt so good about the prospect when I was at the gym tonight, I even helped two obviously new members do the calf extension correctly and pointed out to the staff that one of the seated leg presses was mildly broken with the fine weight control stuck.

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40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. I don’t know how you feel about eggs, or whether your partner keeps them in the house, but you might consider hard-boiling (hard-cooking, whichever term you use) a few every several days. They’re very portable – you can take in the car (train?) so you don’t have to eat right away. If you have one or even two in the morning, that’ll be a good protein hit. It might help you shift to fewer carbs early in the day.

    Good luck with your plan!

  2. Breakfasts are hard. I do a hard boiled egg or I have started buying plain yogurt and putting a half a scoop of protien powder in it. I like that and it keeps me full. I have Celiac Disease so the easy breakfasts are not an option for me cause I can’t have wheat.

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