Weekly Weigh-In: Week 9

Category New Scale (lbs) Old Scale (lbs)
Starting Weight: 267 (estimate) 273
Target Weight: 215 221
End Of Week 8 Weight: 252.5 257
End Of Week 9 Weight: 250.3 256
Week Over Week Change: -2.2 -1
Total Weight Loss So Far: 16.7 17
Average Per Week So Far: 1.85 lbs/week 1.88 lbs/week

Feel really good about the week.  No travel, no illness, limited work craziness.  Got my workouts in, and upped some of my weights, so muscle gain not loss too.  Real strong week.  Actually touched in at sub-250 mid-week twice, so actually slightly disappointed couldn’t report that as official number, but still really pleased.


About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. Congrats man! Keep it up!

  2. WOW! You just keep rolling off the good numbers. ..Congratulations!

    Good luck in good health,

  3. ty ty – feeling good – if i can get ahead of schedule in the summer i can worry less about the holidays and winter. winter can be easy or brutal here in ny. last one was brutal. really interrupted the gym schedule.

  4. 1/3 of the way there – congrats!

  5. Really like your concept of taking it a bite at a time. I have not doubt you will make your goal. Keep up the great work!

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