Brief Breakfast and Snack Update


Last week, I was inspired to try substituting an English muffin with butter (~225 cal) for my bagel with cream cheese (~450-550 cal), and maybe try to make it a whole wheat muffin.  I also said I would switch from the  20 oz coffee to the 16 oz coffee to reduce total work week coffee by around 15%.

Accomplished most of it on the coffee front.  I work out of two office buildings though – 4 days in one building, 1 day in another.   The one day a week building only has 20 oz or 12 oz which I am not ready for, so only reducing coffee by 12% but I am not missing the 4 oz on the other days.

The English muffin idea did not work out so great – there is a pretty big volume differential between a bagel and an English muffin.  I was good on the first day, but concluded I’d gnaw at my faux wood desk if I did it again.  Just wasn’t filling enough.  Getting to lunch was hard.

But I didn’t go back to the bagel!

I realized I could switch to two slices of whole wheat bread and butter (~250-275 cal) for almost the same gain, while feeling fuller.  And I can even top it up with an occasional light yogurt (80 cal) on particularly hungry mornings and still come out ahead plus supposed bacterial/digestive benefits.

Whole Wheat

As a separate note, as part of trying to improve my intake of whole wheat, I’ve been talking the wife into tweaking our shopping.

Two weeks ago we switched from white bread to Wonder Whole Wheat White.  It’s not the ultimate in whole wheat breads, but it has the advantage that taste/texture wise it’s a little nicer than what we remember having as kids.  Since my kid likes the Wonder version, and as my wife points out – she eats the most bread from the store so gets more of a vote.

This week, I decided to try Whole Grain Fig Newtons instead of regular ones.  Can’t say I’ll be repeating that purchase.  Good for controlling the quantity you eat though.  🙂

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  1. Rye bagel with veggie cream cheese…my downfall. My new substitute? Whole wheat english muffin with one heaping tablespoon of peanut better, one banana and 16 oz of coffee no sugar skim milk. This holds me over until at least noon.

    • I do like p.b. (probably eat my desk if they put some on it) but I’ve never had it at breakfast. I add that up to about 335 cal give or take, which is about the same as toast, butter and yogurt. But more than without the yogurt which I did 3 days last week.

      Once I settle into this new routine a bit I will give it a comparison try and report back!

    • tried it this morning. was more definitely more satisfying as suggested than the original switch.

      That said, I think I was a little over on PB – maybe 2 – 2.5 TB so calories were a bit up over my other way. I came up with about 472 cal based on that including coffee.

      i think a light yogurt would work instead of banana too. I’ll definitely throw it in to the mix.


  2. I really like your site. It is very informative and motivating! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. It’s amazing.

  3. Since you commented on my blog, I came to visit yours. I highly recommend paleo or low carb instead of the diet you are following. I am never hungry. I cured both my and my husband’s diabetes on low carb. I have lost 167 pounds so far effortlessly. My husband has lost almost 50 pounds since April. Our blood work like cholesterol and blood sugar are excellent. Rhett no longer has high blood pressure. Neither one of us exercise. He is blind and I have diseases that make exercise difficult. We feel a zillion times better.

    Even if you did not go whole hog towards low carb, just giving up grains, potatoes and sugars would make a world of difference.

    • I’m sure I probably could lose a chunk of weight quicker, on atkins, but I have long term concerns about its practicality for me.

      But I am hoping to train myself to eat better for the long term by drawing on the lessons some of these plans have provided and avoid my past yo-yo’s.

      I’ve cut sugar back a lot and snacking in general. I’ve definitely upped my water and fruit, particularly apples, melons and blueberries.

      When focusing on portion control, I’m trying to make sure the veggies stay and cut out carbs the most. Where I can find a good switch, I’m introducing whole grain carbs like whole wheat bread/wraps or brown rice.

      I’ve also started tracking calories a bit for the first time ever to see where this diet is taking me now. Will comment on that later.

  4. There is a way of eating for everybody. We found ours and plan to stick with it for life 🙂 I wish you success!

    • absolutely – i think the central thing all these plans have in common is try to help you fix what are our broken eating and portioning habits. Thank you, and the same wish of continued success to you and your husband. concern over developing type II diabetes is absolutely and driver for me and it’s great to see people beat it.

  5. Nature’s Own makes a bread that 2 slices carry the same value in calories as one slice. We eat the honey wheat.

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