More about my amusing gym..

I posted up 12 things that amuse me about Planet Fitness a little while ago.  Other night I was reminded of another one:

13 – People missing the point of going to the gym – I go to one in the back of of a strip mall.  PF is roughly dead center of the parking which wraps around and beyond two sides of it.  No parking spot is more than 60 seconds from the entrance at a casual pace.  The parking lot also has a one way system that sort of drags you around from the two entrances.  The lanes are sort of barely two way, really 1 1/2 cars wide.  The number of times the entire system is gummed up by people insisting on waiting for that perfect spot right outside the door is ridiculous.  Even on days with great weather.  Why are you going to the gym again?  And you can’t walk for 60 seconds either way?  I mean I will take a spot if it happens to come up on my way around the one way but I don’t wait or go slow for one.

As a side note, renewed my membership, all amusement aside.  For $99 for a year, in NY, it’s a steal.  And it comes with a free t-shirt (excellent for projects where shirt will get slopped on).


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  1. “People are strange” as they say. $99 bucks and a t-shirt. I pay almost that much a month for my family membership at the YMCA. It has some perks though.

    • yea, I was paying almost that a month for a work discounted gym near the office. Cost me even more since I lost my bag/clothes/locks/sneakers on the long train commute home on crowded trains because I am a tad absent minded and if I put it up on the shelf I forget I had it. Someone turned it in the first time, but not the second. YMCA nice?

  2. Have had similar thoughts myself in the past 🙂

  3. I used to go to a gym in Houston that was 2 stories. It was amazing how many people I saw taking the elevator up to the 2nd floor!

  4. This is a problem here in East Tennessee, too! It kills me that people will cut people off driving to get that front spot. I’ll just take the back spot so I can walk a little. I would love to pay $99 bucks a year. I pay $80 a month…one perk is I get to have free tanning. Of course, I’m of Irish decent, so I just burn and turn back to white again. Oh well, it’s getting me results. Love the blog!

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