Weekly Weigh-In: Week 12

Category New Scale (lbs) Old Scale (lbs)
Starting Weight: 267 (estimate) 273
Target Weight: 215 221
End Of Week 11 Weight: 248.8 252
End Of Week 12 Weight: 245.4 249
Week Over Week Change: -3.4 -3
Total Weight Loss So Far: 21.6 24
Average Per Week So Far: 1.8 lbs/week 2.00 lbs/week

Woot!  Actually had quite a struggle getting a consistent answer out of either scale this morning.  As low as 244.1 and as high as 246.0.  This answer is what came up the most.  Feel great about any of those numbers though!

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. Congrats J, Your results are fantastic for the week, and you’re really progressing fast towards your ultimate goal.

    Good luck in good health,

  2. Great week for you. Wahoo!

  3. tx all. Though 52 is not my ultimate goal! It was more of an initial hmm wonder if I can do this. According to BMI, I would need to lose another 50 on top of that to be at the top end of my range (which I think seems off – I’ve been 188 once in my life, I reckoned then I only had a few more pounds to go) – but i’ll reserve judgement after I get there. Once I hit 215, I’m gonna set a goal for 199.

  4. Well done J. Falling nicely.

  5. I Want to be the Biggest Loser

    Good job, man! 🙂 Proud of you!

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