Hurricane Cleanup

After finishing up prepping the house and cars for Hurricane Irene and doing my share of panic looting buying got bored waiting and decided to tidy up the blog a bit.

When I first started, I thought categories and tags were interchangeable (they are not) and I had over-categorized things.  I’ve gone through and tidied up the categories.  Probably need to re-check my tags next.

That done, I was finally able to monkey around with the menu system to get something closer to what I wanted.  What do you guys think?

Anyway, back to waiting for the big winds.  Weekly weigh-in may be a bit late tomorrow given the weather and we live more or less in it’s path.  (I also accidentally published it briefly with no update since I prep the next week’s post as soon as I post the current week’s).

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40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. I hope it passes without doing any damage/harm to you or your loved ones.

  2. Good luck with the clean-up after Irene passes. Hopefully you won’t get hit that hard.

  3. tx all – still waiting for things to get going.

  4. Regards from Florida. I pray you and family will be safe. Someone told me a hurricane was similiar to a blizzard…I disagree!

  5. tx all – been awake since 4:30 but pretty good here so far. Power, cable, internet, water all good. Eye is passing/passed us at this point. Also down to tropical storm now. Southern half seems less wet/calmer, and will be out of here in another 2-3 hours.

  6. I think your blog looks great. Like you I thought categories and tags were inter-changeable. I need to go through all my posts and check through. Not sure if it’s worth the effort haha.

  7. Site looks good. Irene was a dud here in my neck of the woods, but we did suffer a lot of power outages and flooding.

  8. Looks much cleaner….good job!

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