New Job, New Challenges

Been super-excited about this for last week or so, but needed to keep it under wraps until my current colleagues were officially told (even if I’m anonymous here, I’d still know).  I’m changing jobs next month and going back to work at a previous employer.


  • I like the location better.
  • The people seem pretty decent and I know some of them already.
  • The job itself looks pretty good.
  • I’ll be back to having a 20 minute walk in the morning each day, and possibly in the evening if my last stint was a guide.  (I’ll be back in Manhattan, walking in the morning is pretty reasonable as most people are also workers fanning out from train stations.  In the evening, the streets get clogged with tourists going all directions, going slow and just randomly stopping.  It’s hard to make a decent pace to justify walking.)
  • More choices for lunch and a better cafeteria.


  • The downside is that like all my career changes in the last two decades (gah I’m old!), there’s a little ambiguity on the day to day of the role (I love ambiguity tho.).
  • If history is any guide, some crash project will come out of the blue about 1-2 months into the job.
  • More choices for lunch and a better cafeteria (with great power comes great responsibility).

It’s another reason I am going a little cardio crazy in preparation for the role.  I’m in transition right now at my current job, so I’m able to get a little more gym time in for the next few weeks.  I want to hit the new job as fit as possible at the end of September and as far into the weight loss goal as I can go (without getting hyper-extreme either).

This will help keep me on track for the year.. but.. I can’t use the new gig as an excuse either after September.  I need to stay on track food wise and exercise wise no matter what happens.

P.S., I’ll be curious to see what the reaction is when I walk in.  I’m already 20 lbs lighter than the initial interview, and I could even wind up another 10 by the time I start if I really push it.


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40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. New jobs are always exciting. Congratulations and good luck.


  2. Congratulations on a a new, old job. Change can be good. Good luck, and much success on staying true to your fitness/weight loss challenge. (Even in a new environment)

  3. Congratulations on the new job! And I’d like to apologise for being one of those tourists at times 🙂 You seem to be well on target for your 52 weeks.

  4. Hey there. Will it be weird going back to an old employer? I’ve been thinking about revisiting a former career (and life) recently and wondered what it would be like.

    Great idea getting heaps of gym in while you’ve got the time. My boss is currently away and the person filling in doesn’t rely on me as much, so I’ve had two lunchbreaks (and sessions at the gym) in a row this week!


    • This previous employer went bankrupt couple of years ago, and technically, I am going to work for the place that bought them afterwards. So it’s a little odd in what’s changed vs what’s the same. What was weirder was going for a different interview at the same place about 8 months ago for a different role and it was on the same floor around the corner from where a bunch of my old users used to sit (who are all long gone). I went over to take a peak after the interview to see the old floor space and it was exactly as I last saw it 3 years ago, just empty. I find as I get older tho, I get used to the changed/not changed dynamic. I’ve had a decent career so far that has spanned two countries and in an industry that is a little incestuous people wise, so you are constantly running into people/places combos that are variations on a theme. ‘This project was started by X a few years ago.’ ‘Oh I bet it looks like A with issues B and C.’ ‘Yep.’

  5. Congrats on the new job. Another pro is getting rid of habits you have at this job. Lunch buddies and routines if applicable.
    And I have not been a tourizt yet but hope to be soon.

  6. Congratulations….you will succeed at the weightloss and the new job, I just know it!!!

  7. Congrats on the New Job! Thanks for stopping by my blog and you are for sure a BUTT KICKER! Welcome aboard! 😀

  8. tx again all
    @Marilyn – good point generally. In this case I happen to be pretty disciplined at work for lunch right now because the choices are so limited – I can either go really healthy OR really unhealthy (and mostly not even the unhealthy I like) and I’ve been disciplined. I am more afraid of the new place with lots of choices I will have more mediocre choices available to ‘settle’ for.

    @Shonnie – Thanks!

  9. Congrats on the new job. Sounds like you have some great motivation to up your game over the next couple of weeks.

    New jobs can be emotionally draining in the first few weeks. If you find yourself wanting to skip your workout remind yourself that it will help you to relax.

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