Link Sharing – September 2

Fighting fat – benefits of lifting vs cardio

Disgruntled Dieter with lots of posts on why she hates being overweight.  I know I can relate to some of them.

Look at this guy’s about page.  Impressive.

Thunder 2 Toned says you can do boot camp right at home too.

Being fat is bad for the brain too.

I think I’d fail at monkey bars with my kid too.  Plus it has some great links to some good articles, equipment-less fitness regime for moms (hey dads too!) as well as a calendar of events for canucks (less useful for non-canucks like myself).

With an ending on Canda, and as a proud NYer, I thought I’d leave you with the only thing that ever made me wish I were a canuck, Oh..Canada by Classified.  It’s hip-hop, but it’s clean and pretty entertaining.

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. These links are great… I gather some valuable information from them.

  2. As ever, great links. Thanks.

  3. no problem. I was disappointed no canadians appreciated my efforts at improving NY/Canada relations. 🙂

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