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When I forward the Lose It! summaries here, it loses the excel food log.  Thought I’d post a couple to explain the comment I made to David yesterday about eating similar things everyday.  I’m pretty picky eater, so if I like something I tend to eat it over and over again for years.  So if I get into a good habit it is easier to stick in that regard.

Weekly Report (1314454) 20110808

Weekly Report (1314454) 20110815

Weekly Report (1314454) 20110822

Weekly Report (1314454) 20110829

Edit: I also should add, I am pretty good about recording all the actual items. I am less good about estimating some of the quantities (especially some of the ones where lose it wants a measurement completely different from what I would find intuitive for the particular item). I work off the assumption that I am under-estimating some things and over-estimating others, but that we are biased towards under-estimation. So I assume I’m under-recording by 100-200 calories a day. Generally I try to not eat my exercise calories, but there are just days where the plan doesn’t quite work and I will allow myself to eat a few of them (but not all).

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  1. I do the same thing, until I get sick of it or it no longer works for me. I am learning to beless picky but these are long ago demons the dont leave easy. I did finally make up mymind that if I ate cheetos instead of vegetables id never get anywhere…

  2. I am with you on the quantities, I have NO idea how to judge meat servings specially. I think I am going to get my hands on a food scale and just try to get a grip on whats what…

    • Meat, I base off uncooked weight and guess how much of a % of the total I ate. Have no idea if that’s right but its what I do. But otherwise I am getting good at converting table spoons to cups and so on l.o.l.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Again it’s a bit of an eye opener. You can see how little things add up that you perhaps don’t think about e.g. ketchup.
    Also things like you can’t discount a pear just because it’s healthy and better than a choc bar for you doesn’t mean it doesn’t have calories

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