Number 14

More from my gym/comedy club.  Have seen this twice now, cracks me up:

14 – The people who work there – Part II.  Now I’m no prude, I don’t mind a bit of flirting between staff and members (obviously I am not doing any flirting or being flirted with).  It comes with the territory of young people.  But I have to laugh, when I’ve seen one woman who works there come up to one of the guys while he is working out.  She came up from behind, completely out of his field of vision.  I only saw her because a few of us were waiting on the machine.  She actually tapped him on the shoulder right in the middle of a rep, clearly surprising him both times.  Safety first?  Wait for him to finish?  Clearly not.  I’m actually impressed the guy didn’t injure himself or drop it.


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  1. Journey 2 perfect body

    Oh… She should have definitely waited for a better time, haha.

    I hope nobody will ever do that to me! I’m not sure I would manage to finish a rep without injury… Please, be careful there yourself.

  2. Holy Cow! I hope someone said something to her?!?

    Be careful,

    • Since the guy didn’t (not sure if it was the same guy) and interrupted his workout to chat back for more than the rest of my weight lifting segment, probably not.

  3. It always amazes me on the shenanigans in the gym. My favorite are the people who actually break down and pose in front of the mirrors. It kills me every time.

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