The scale lies?

What to do, what to do?  Similar to Joie, The scale gave me a number this morning that I don’t believe.  I’d like to believe it, but it’s such a jump from yesterday that I find it hard to.  To be honest, the scale has been up and down all last week and even more so this week.  I’ve been finding it hard to get a consistent number on Sunday’s last two weeks.

Since then, possibly related to the extra cardio, I’m gaining/losing as I lose/replace all the sweat (lots and lots and lots of sweat).  In addition, I’m because of the the almost start to the school year for the pre-k’er, I’ve actually been home with the kid this week, so my routine is very off.

Most of the time, it’s been irritation at the highness of the number (it said I gained nearly 1.5 on Tuesday morning) as the eating side has been very good, and the exercise side has been steady on the drive for extra workout sessions as per the job change.  This morning, though, it gave me a ridiculously low number.  Once which hasn’t even been hinted at before.  One which skipped the whole pound before it in terms of hints.

I want to believe it, but the cynic in me won’t let me.  I guess we’ll see tomorrow, Saturday and … Sunday.

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  1. Haha, it’s why I can’t bear to weigh myself daily – the fluctuations just drive me crazy wondering!

  2. When I have a weird spike in either direction and it starts to mess with my head, I go look at the graph of the past 4 weeks’ and 3 months’ weight loss that Lose It keeps for me. That helps me remember that the fluctuations even out and I’ve got an overall gently downward slant.

    But yeah, frustrating. Plus, I always wonder if it is finally the battery running out of juice. The battery in this scale has been going forever.

  3. Journey 2 perfect body

    It might be simple fluctuation but be sure that your scale is ok 😉 It might be the battery running out or they might be gone. Both electronic and manual scales go bad after some time (several years), you know, nothing is forever.
    Do you have an opportunity to weight on the other scale? Just to be sure that it’s still the truth what you are seeing on your own one 🙂

  4. I don’t check my weight all the time. I would hate knowing why and when I gain weight. It would drive me mad. I did however just gained 5 pounds from medicine and 3 pounds probably due to 5 pound gain that threw me for a loop. 🙂 I say even what you have, and you can lose 1 pound, just keep doing what you are doing and you should be fine. You will weigh more at night than in the morning, so be sure you are weighing constantly one or the other 🙂 Good luck to ya, hope you get back on schedule soon.

  5. I’m normally pretty good about the daily fluctuations. this week has been frustrating to stay within + or – a pound of Sunday. to then drop 3 in one day makes me cynical, even though it is possible.before this morning I don’t think I ever fluctuated lower than 240.5, so to weigh in at 238.5 would be awesome…… I do have 2 scales and the other one shows a similar drop. Don’t think it’s the battery – new scale and the old one is spring based (and dubious tho)

  6. I hate the big swings too. For fun sometimes, I weigh myself right before I go to bed and right when I wake up. The number is usually off by a pound. Interesting feat? Losing a pound in my sleep. I wish I could do that when I am awake. 🙂

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