And now for something completely different..

Got something exciting to share.  Well, it’s not the most earth-shattering news, but I’m excited!  As I mentioned, one of my hobbies is wood-working/furniture building (very amateur).  One of the blogs I follow, The Wood Whisperer, is running a charity project to build a child’s rocking horse and then donate it to a needy hospital/church/family/etc.  For every rocking horse that is donated, TWW will donate $1 to LiveStrong’s fight against cancer.  A number of corporate sponsors and private individuals will be matching TWW’s donation.

Since my workshop is a federal disaster zone right now due to some home remodeling, I cannot make one, but I am pleased to say I am one of the private individual’s making matching contributions.

The owner’s of the design (WOOD Magazine) will be making the plan freely available for a limited time (details to be hashed out).  Starting Sept 26, Marc from the Wood Whisperer is going to run some web-casts on his version of the build (the plans are usually pretty decent, but can all be fine-tuned, so I’d recommend going with what Marc does where there is a conflict).  The project is relatively straight-forward, well within amateur capabilities, and materials shouldn’t be too bad (1 sheet of 4′ x 2′ x 3/4″ wood is my understanding plus misc bits).  More seasoned builders can make their’s fancier.  It should roughly take 2-4 weekends to build depending on skill level.

So if you ever thought you’d like to try your hand at this kind of thing, this is a great project, with a free plan, supporting not one, but two great causes (and you can pick one of them!).  You can then build more for your own friends and family!


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  1. Given that I can’t put a nail in without doing some damage to the wall in which it’s installed, I won’t sign up. Great initiative though!

  2. One time, I drilled a hole through a wardrobe door to attach the handle and I drilled a hole through the arm of my best suit. What do you think, should I enter the competition? Thought not 🙂

    • I was once was putting shelving onto a pantry door – modern mostly hollow construction door. I was drilling holes and using the lack of pressure to indicate I was thru into the soft middle. Instead of depth. I forgot the middle wasn’t hollow. I drilled thru the door and the wall behind it. All 4 holes.

      And I still do this stuff.

  3. Haha Paul Bentley!

    This sounds like a great initiative, it’s fantastic that even those who are unable to make a horse at the moment can contribute with donations. Well done!

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