Link Sharing – September 16

Mayo Clinic Healthy Recipes – I found a book of these in Penn Station a few weeks ago, and have tried two so far.  Some seem a little exotic, but some of them look pretty good.  Here’s an online catalog.

Dementia Study – not particularly weight loss related at all, but I like this guy’s attitude.

Inspirational and close to home for me…

Take the hint buddy and lay off em for a while…

Via Andie at Balancing My Chemicals9 things successful people do differently.

Wow – have seen this guy floating in tag surfer before but never really tweaked my interest.  I was wrong.  Check out his story.

Great stuff in this article about exercise, hunger and eating around workouts.

Found this exercise and diet blog and think it’s pretty good so far.

Starvation Mode Myth

I threw the phrase ‘Starvation Mode’ out out a few weeks ago, in ignorance it seems.  And I do not like willful ignorance.  So, some links about the starvation mode myth.  (It’s still not something you want to do long term for reasons not related to weight loss):

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  1. I love Keep it Up, David! And, I love Richard Simmons. AND, I am forever thankful that I read Fat Girl vs. World/I Go Through Life in Inches & Pounds on the day that she nominated Richard Simmons as the original honey badger.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, J! Hope you have a great weekend.

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