Link Sharing – September 30

Lose Weight Very Easily has 50+ Ideas To Lose Weight (4 parts)

Via Lela @ Thin and Winning – An article from Time about whether exercise is effective.  Contradictory to my path, but interesting read.

Conquering the Mountain.

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  1. The exercise article is interesting and may be true to some degree, but, for me, this is why this ‘thing’ that we do, can’t just be about weight loss. It’s got to be about lifestyle change.

    Like you, this article is contradictory to my path too. Indeed, I actually don’t like the article at all, I find it misleading and unhelpful. What is the under girding message? Don’t exercise! What a load of bunkum.

    Exercise is good, period!

  2. These exercise/no exercise articles freak me out a bit. I’ve definitely ramped up my cardio intensity, and my weight loss has slowed. I’m on such a controlled diet that I know I’m not sabotaging myself by overeating, so I do wonder whether my body is just holding on tighter because I’m spending its reserves so freely.

    Paul is right, too, though. Exercise is good, period. I feel so good going to the gym – I cannot imagine giving that up, even if it means my losses slow down.

    As usual, it comes down to the difference between reading about science and seeing what happens in your own body. Calories in/calories out is both true and a myth. That’s the frustration of the modern age. We want to base things on facts and numbers, but there’s still some stuff we simply cannot reduce to that.

  3. The article was very interesting. My first thought, though, was “I wonder how long she has been continuing that regimen of exercise.” If she has been doing that same routine for any length of time (more than four to six weeks consecutively) then that plays a part in why her weight loss has stalled. In order to consistently lose weight you must change up the routine (or at least the intesity, reps, etc.) to work the muscles in different ways.

    Also as the article states, those who weigh less burn less calories. This explains (partially) why the weight loss slows as you continue to lose. Personally, I lost over seven pounds my first week. I have not come close to losing that much in any week since, though.

    I agree with Paul, losing weight (and keeping it off) requires lifestyle change, not a quick overhaul that can be “stopped” after a few weeks/months. I have talked about mental state a few times on my blog, which I believe is one of the most important aspects of an overweight/obese person’s arsenal against fat. The mind is what causes people to choose the doughnut over the apple, the pizza over salad, etc. It only makes sense to get that mental state under control if you wish to be truly (long-term) successful.

  4. The main thing I always come away with is there is no magic bullet. Our bodies are complex adaptive organisms and it takes a sequence of things to make continuous improvement.

    That said, there seems to be a growing thought that exercise is part of the answer, but a lesser part. Definitely less than 50%. From a weight loss perspective. There are still plenty of mental and emotional benefits beyond pure weight loss/maintenance.

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