Stuff I’m noticing:

  • Little bit of a gun-show going on – really just B.B. guns, but hey, better than nothing.
  • Since I haven’t bought new clothes:
    • Belts are IMPORTANT, not just decorative – otherwise my pants fall off.
    • Belts are hard to put on while also trying to hold up your pants with one hand.  Especially at airport security checks.
    • On same topic, I got lazy, I just take the belt off to get undressed.
    • Gym shorts need to be tied tight now and I need to take stuff out of pockets during cardio.  Or there could be an incident.
    • Sometimes I look in the mirror and realize my shirt appears to have swallowed me whole with the bigger ones.
  • Most of my weight has always been distributed primarily between knees and shoulders.  Arms, calves, hands, neck, feet and face have always been a size smaller or two than my real weight would imply.  While still not there, I can definitely start to see the hint of skinny calves under there.
  • Toes apparently have gaps between them..even at the tips.
  • Cutting the toe nails is a lot easier.
  • On current trends, looks like I will have bony, knobby knees.
  • It’s less concerning if someone wants to sit in the middle seat on the train ride home now.  Plane rides are also a little nicer less 35 pounds.

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. heh, I can so relate sir!

  2. Seconded on those plane rides; now if they could do something about the leg room.

  3. These changes must be so overwhelming for you!

  4. shortshoestring

    I am discovering that I hate loose clothing. I’m collecting pants that are “too tight” just so that I can have something ready to wear when I need it! Keep on!

  5. Congratulations!

    One of my friends showed up to group last night in pants so big that not only can she just step out of them, someone else could probably step INTO them while she’s got them on. We all encouraged her to go shopping stat.

    I think I’m starting to see cheek bones. And they aren’t David Bowie’s …

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