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Pleasant Surprises

Not two days after posting about rewards and motivations, I wound up doing a little clothes shopping that turned into a reward.

When I started a while ago (2 years ago), I was generally wearing size 50 easy fit/extender pants (and apparently I had slipped a few 52’s into my closet without registering it since I just found them and got rid of them).  XXL/XXXL was a shirt size, not a Super Bowl.  With the recent weight loss, I had dug out some old clothes, in the 44/46 range, but even the 46’s were falling off, and the 50’s were starting to look a little clown suit-ish (especially the actual suits).   I’ve been trying to avoid buying new clothes while I keep losing, but we got to the point where I just needed a few things to help me get through.

So we went to an outlet mall nearby on the veteran’s day weekend where they were having some sales.  I was initially hoping to pick up a pair or two of dress slacks and maybe a casual shirt.  I figured based on the 44s fitting ok (they were loose, but not involuntarily falling down without a belt), I’d be looking at some 44’s or maybe some 42’s.

So imagine, my shock when I was fitting into 40’s (easy-fit I grant, but still)!  Even better, I tried on a shirt and found the regular XL was too tent-like.  Yep, a regular large was all I needed.  It’s not as loose as I personally prefer, but it fits properly and will only be a few pounds to my preferred fit.  Since 40’s will last me a lot longer than 44’s, I actually wound up buying a couple of shirts and some jeans as well.

It was unexpected and very satisfying.


Lose It! Weekly Summary for Week of Mon, Nov 21st

I’d take the Thursday numbers with a bigger grain of salt than usual. Did a pretty good job recording but didn’t get absolutely everything. Same with some leftovers over the weekend. Nothing overboard but definitely 200 calories or so under-recorded.

As a side note, I bloody well did run for the train tonight.


Weekly Summary for Week of Mon, Nov 21st

Daily Summary
Budget Food Exercise Net +/- Weight (lbs)
11/21/11 1,988 1,916 397 1,519 -469 212.7
11/22/11 1,981 1,374 0 1,374 -607 211.7
11/23/11 1,977 2,046 703 1,343 -634 211
11/24/11 1,964 2,428 340 2,088 124 209.1
11/25/11 1,977 1,924 469 1,454 -523 211.1
11/26/11 1,974 1,939 0 1,939 -35 210.6
11/27/11 1,969 2,140 473 1,667 -303 209.9
2,447 calories under budget for the week
Lost 3.4 pounds this week
Nutrient Summary % Calories
Fat 563g 37.3%
Saturated Fat 193g
Cholesterol 1,182mg
Sodium 20,453mg
Carbohydrates 1,608g 47.4%
Fiber 123g
Sugars 384g
Protein 518g 15.3%
Exercise Summary Calories
Bicycling 25 Min 208
Elliptical 1 Hour 10 Min 821
Walking 1 Hour 30 Min 969
Weight Lifting 1 Hour 55 Min 385
Total 2383

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The Road To 2012 NYC Marathon – Summary of T-50 Week.


  • Completed C25K Week 1, started Week 2.  Not feeling like I’m pushing it yet, from previous exercise but still trying to skip anything and avoid injury.
  • Technical difficulties were had a plenty though with the non-running bits of running:
    • Wed – not realizing the free version of the app wouldn’t run in the background, wound up paused several times on the timer til I figured that out. Added about 4-5 minutes of walking.  (And upgraded to pro for a $1.60 – completely worth it).
    • Wed – managed to send my ipod flying and cracked the screen 😦  Not readable anymore.
    • Wed – sent my phone flying about 90 seconds later.  Thankfully, undamaged.
    • Fri – Managed to pull the emergency stop cord grabbing while my towel.  Kind of messes of the stats for that one.
  • As such, this weeks stats will be from Sunday’s run, which was the only smooth and 100% accurately  recorded one.
  • Fitness program for now until the books arrive – Run x 3 week, 3×12 sets of weights of just about anything I feel like 2-3 times a week.  I am supplementing the running a bit with some elliptical and bike on 2 days, but again trying not to injure myself either.  Arc trainer is out for now.
  • Depending on what I learn from any additional reading, 200 crunches may be back in the picture as a good supplement once running is more full-time the other days of the week.
Metric Last Week In Total
Mileage Run: 7.40 miles 9.65 miles
Longest Run: 2.41 miles 2.41 miles
Longest Run Time: 29:04 mm:ss 29:04 mm:ss
Longest Run Pace: 12:04 min/mile 12:04 min/mile

Phase II Weekly Weigh-In: Week 3

Category Weights(lbs)
Starting Weight: 214.8
Target Weight: 199.0
End Of Week 2 Weight: 213.3
End Of Week 3 Weight: 209.9
Week Over Week Change: -3.4
Total Weight Loss So Far: -4.9
Average Per Week So Far: 1.63 lbs/week

At least some of the recorded loss for this week really belongs in the last two weeks.  The cold has mostly gone, but still lingers a bit as a chest congestion/cough.  The gym routine is suffering some run related disruption – not feeling like I am pushing things right now from a total calorie perspective, but not wanting to push too hard and get injured either.  I figure it will ramp up pretty quickly so not stressing about it this week.

Off to the gym!