No push ups / crunches update

Have had a killer cold all week, still struggling with it.

Did my progress test for crunches week 6 (91, column 2) but come Tuesday night I just couldn’t get enough breath.  Utterly failed final push up set and mid way through crunches.  Thursday had an event to attend which also interfered.

Not to say I’ve been idle.  I decided to make it a full cardio only week.  The cardio gives me temporary relief and I was saying I needed a weight break anyway due to niggling injuries.  Once it was clear how lousy I was feeling anyway decided to make it this week.

If I decide on marathon, I will almost certainly be reviewing fitness program in entirety so we will see.

Edit:  fixed some misc errors as the original was posted from the phone.


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40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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