The Road To 2012 NYC Marathon – Summary of T-51 Week.

So, I did it.  I’m signed up, committed.  (And possibly am commitable).  I’ve had a ton of positive response here.  I’ve had some cautionary response over on Lose It!, but still very helpful.  The wife is on-board.  So WELCOME TO THE CRAZY!

2012 Marathon is November 4th, 50 weeks from today.  As such, going to be doing some shuffling of the fitness program and the blog.  So what’s changing and what’s not.

  • Phase II Weight Loss – still ON.  If anything, I am more committed to beating my target, since weighing less makes running easier.  Phase III will still be on too, but details will be in light of running program.  Postings will continue on Sundays as per now.
  • Around the Web Fridays – still on.  Don’t be surprised if more running stuff pops in there.  It’s always been what I read, linked to you.
  • 100 Push-Up/200 Sit-Up Challenge – sadly, OFF.  Something has to give on the training schedule, it’s unfortunate that I was not able to wrap this up, especially ending on such a down-note.  That said, something was not working there for me – as I seemed to be stuck.  Perhaps after this is all over, we will revisit.
  • Fitness and Weight Lifting Program – will be heavily modified to incorporate new goal.  Will post a fitness program 2.0 when it’s all sorted out.  That said, I am committed to included pull-ups/chin-ups in there somewhere – I was 20 pounds of assistance away from no assistance (starting at 130 of assistance).
  • Random topic of the week will continue to be Wednesdays.
  • Weekly Lose It! Summary – moving to Tuesdays probably.  It keeps me accountable to myself at the least, so I don’t want to drop it, but…
  • Mondays will be Marathon Mondays summarizing the activity of week before.
  • Will put up a marathon training summary on the side when I figure out how I’d like to do it.

So without further ado, here is the T-51 week summary.


  • Signed up for a guaranteed entry mechanism.  If I don’t do it in 2012, I’ll dang well be crawling it on 2013.
  • Researched marathon training programs for novices – Galloway and Higdon programs seem to be contenders.
  • Researching how best to incorporate weight training into running programs (work in progress).
  • Started C25K Running Program – Week 1, Day 1.
  • Signed up to RunKeeper for tracking stuff.
  • Was glad I made my little running man icon even though I was doing everything BUT running when I made it.
Metric Last Week In Total
Mileage Run: 2.25 miles 2.25 miles
Longest Run: 2.25 miles 2.25 miles
Longest Run Time: 28:00 mm:ss 28:00 mm:ss
Longest Run Pace: 12:28 min/mile 12:28 min/mile

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. Wow – your icon-designing subconscious was way ahead of you! You can absolutely do this.

    I’m about to head out for day 2, week 2 of C25K. So far, I’m liking it. Already, though, I know I need new headphones that will stay in my ears better than my iPod buds. Those were fine for walking … but I’m apparently a runner now.

  2. If you had said you were going to run a marathon next month, I think we’d all have lobbied to have you committed! However, a year away is a good lead time – it gives you some opportunities to get some shorter distances under your belt.
    And if… when November runs around, you find you can’t run the whole thing, well you can run/walk it. You haven’t shut any doors – just opened them to more options. I’m trying to sign up for a half marathon in May but I’ll be walking it (with maybe a few runs thrown in for good measure!) Enjoy the challenge!

  3. that is fantastic J. Your other training programs are going to serve you well.
    They have given you the discipline necessary to do this and to know when to rest. You will succeed in 2012, I know it! I highly reccommend giving a yoga class a try because it is a fantastic way to keep your muscles stretched. It will serve you well… good luck.

  4. How exciting, J! I cannot wait to read through your adventures along the way…
    You inspire me to aim higher! 😉


  5. With your dedication and attention to detail, I have no doubt you be able to do this in 50 weeks. I’m truly anxious to observe your progress.

    Kindest regards,

    p.s. Will you be incorporating some 10K races during the year as well?

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