A Little Less Sweetness

About 6 weeks ago, I decided to try and be a little healthier and reduce the amount of Nutra-can-splenda-del-sweet I ate, mostly by eliminating it from my coffee. I typically would use between 3-4 packets per coffee and have two cups of coffee a day most days (I don’t drink any soda anymore, so I don’t think I’m overly caffienated – more than some, less than many).

I’ve always been concerned about the cancer risks (in rats), especially when I also used to drink a lot diet coke/pepsi so I’ve gotten a lot of artificial sweetener in the past. I was also moved by some of the recent articles I’ve linked that indicate that having sweet things activates the body’s response to sugar, regardless of it’s real sugar or not and is why having diet drinks doesn’t help. (Why my flavored drink of choice now is unsweetened iced tea.)

I also firmly moved into the skim milk camp (I was generally ok, but would lapse). That changed as soon as I started logging calories and saw the difference.

My wife, who hasn’t ever taken sweetener since I’ve known her, always claimed I would enjoy it more once I got used to it, and would never go back (she had switched a long time ago).

So how’s it going?

I have to say so far, I am still missing the taste. When I sit down with the first cup in the morning, it’s still not ‘ahh there’s the start of the day’ it used to be. I was originally thinking I might try sweetener again to test my wife’s theory, but I don’t think I’m rewired yet (I have/had a terrible sweet tooth so this is not a shock). I now may wait til New Year’s to give it a try and see. If it’s still not feeling right by then and I still like sweetener, we’ll have to see how it goes.

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40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. good post. you can do it. Its all about re training your body to get use to it.

  2. J … try a sweet bit of fruit with your coffee or a bit of toast with low sugar (means no sugar added, but not fake sweetner) jam you will get your sweet without the huge hit to your system.

    I have been sugar free in coffee and tea forever. I prefer it that way. I do still have the two 12 ounce diet cokes a day though. I am working to all low sodium club soda with lime. fresh lime helps so with the drinking, because the lime gets all over the rim. 😀

    • I don’t miss the sweetner itself, just that my first sip of coffee just doesn’t taste quite right. Sort of like drinking diet coke when you were expecting regular.

  3. It is hard to make changes but I bet a month from now, you won’t miss it quite so much. Good for you for doing this!

  4. Stick with it! I stopped putting sugar into my coffee about three or four months ago and for a while, even though I enjoyed the taste of the coffee without it, I still really missed what I was used to. And then, slowly, I stopped remembering what I was used to. Now I can’t imagine what it’d be like to have sweet coffee: almost like a dessert.

    I guess it’s about becoming acclimated to that first sip of coffee tasting the way it tastes NOW and associating that with the pleasure of the first cup of the morning. You know what I mean?

  5. Here’s my take on the coffee – I mostly have one a day and I make it an event – frothed milk, and a scant teaspoon of organic sugar. My coffee beans are organic, fair trade, shade grown and freshly ground every morning. I have it right after I’ve been to the gym and showered. But then that’s it. I drink mostly water with an occasional tea with honey.
    If you can go with one cup of coffee and less sugar – that would be better. Just make it real!

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