Phase II Weekly Weigh-In: Week 5

Category Weights(lbs)
Starting Weight: 214.8
Target Weight: 199.0
End Of Week 4 Weight: 212.0
End Of Week 5 Weight: 210.3
Week Over Week Change: -1.7
Total Weight Loss So Far: -4.5
Average Per Week So Far: 0.9 lbs/week

Late post this morning.  The cough/cold is still with me (time for the doc this week since we’re at 5 week mark now) and I’ve been sleeping elsewhere to avoid disturbing the wife with my coughing fits, and she let me sleep in a little this morning, so I had to shoot out to gym right away first.

Weight continues to bounce.  In addition to cough/cold and sleep issues from cough/cold I think we can add a 3rd factor  – constipation.  It has started to become a regular issue since October, and it is worsening.  While I’ve got a couple of issues going on, the weight bounces also seem correlated to it.  Will need to do some research (i.e. symptom surfing) since I don’t think it’s a lack of fiber (but maybe it is).  (I see the material for a Wednesday post here – something you are looking forward to no doubt).

To give you an idea of the delta – my post gym/post-um-clear-out weight today was 208.8.  But official weigh-ins are official weigh-ins.  210.3 stands for now.

I’d say ‘Off to the gym’, but I’ve already been!

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40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. You can have too much if you are taking a supplemental fiber.

  2. I hope you can kick the illness


  3. got to the doc today, given an inhaler and a backup antibiotic pack if not better in a few days.

    also decided to try mild supplemental fiber – 1/3rd of benefiber suggested dose (they recommend 3 tablets x 3 daily for about 9g of fiber so I am going to try 1 tablet x 3 daily for about 3g daily). I do seem underfibered. Though I was underfibered before as well, but the trend seems to be slightly more so recently.

  4. Hope you get well soon. also, back on the tummy situation. Try adding a fiber supplement, but also go and find SMOOTH MOVE tea … you will be going in a bit! 😀

    • I’ve got an inhaler now and a backup antibiotic prescription if its not gone by Friday. :). Going to make other modifications slowly to give things a chance.

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