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I was contacted by Amanda Harp who is doing her thesis on a weight loss related topic on whether our spouses/partners can hinder success.

“Have you been participating in a weight loss program for the past consecutive 5 weeks?  Have you been in a committed, cohabitating relationship for the past two years?  Do you ever feel like your partner/spouse gets in the way of your weight loss?”

If so, she’s looking for some answers to an anonymous survey, with a chance to win a $100 gift card.  The link contains the full details as well as the questionnaire.

Full disclosure:  I do not know Amanda.  I did some basic checks to verify the legitimacy of the email.  I separately verified website of Clark University and her professor’s status there.  While I do not qualify (my wife is pretty awesomely supportive), I went through most of the survey and did not spot anything other than one question that looked mildly suspicious regarding full date of marriage.  The option exists to simply put in a valid month/year and just put in a different day of month which is what I did.  It was enough to satisfy me, but you should be alert to the possibility of scam at all times on the internet.

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40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. Well, … the whole unsupportive spouse knocks me out of it too. My hubby is massively supportive … but I saw many women and men who’s spouses really were a HUGE hinderance in my group at OptiFast.

    That boggles my mind that your spouse would sabotage you from being healthy.

  2. It?s arduous to search out educated individuals on this subject, but you sound like you know what you?re talking about! Thanks

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