Phase II Weekly Weigh-In: Week 6 (Welcome to OverweightLand)

Category Weights(lbs)
Starting Weight: 214.8
Target Weight: 199.0
End Of Week 5 Weight: 210.3
End Of Week 6 Weight: 204.2
Week Over Week Change: -6.1
Total Weight Loss So Far: -10.6
Average Per Week So Far: 1.76 lbs/week

Who doesn’t like this chart?

The inhaler helped with the cough, not enough to get rid of it, but enough that I got solid sleep.  And the addition of 3g of fiber a day has helped as well.  Everything then just started melting off.

Taking the antibiotics now.  Unfortunately, I can feel a new cold coming on this last one has taken so long to get rid of :(.

The worst of the holiday zone is behind me too.  Work celebration was Tuesday.  One mozzarella stick, one carrot, one diet coke.  Not too shabby.  Still need to get through Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, but the worst limited control situations are over.

Now off to the gym!

Edit:  I completely forgot to mention!  Pretty exciting week for other reasons too.  Hasta La Vista Baby (Terminator Style) to Obesity.  BMI dropped to overweight!

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. Awesome news on the BMI! I’m hovering right on the obese/overweight line right now – I’ll catch up to you soon!

  2. Hooray for new BMI category, well done!

  3. Congrats J.,

    Really impressive number this week! What are you doing for the 3g of fiber?


    • Benefiber chewables, spread over morning. Each tablet is about 1g so easy to fine tune. They recommend up to 9 a day but that seemed high. Seems like men need 20 to 35g a day as near as I can determine.

  4. Great job on the BMI! you are doing fantastic!

  5. This is so great! I’ve been reading great news on folks’ blogs so far today! And good job with the controlled eating. I’m impressed.

  6. Great job!


  7. Congratulations and well done. Your consistency is inspiring!

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