The Road To 2012 NYC Marathon – Summary of T-47 Week.

I have pretty much eliminated the Cool Running training program.  It’s not bad or anything, but little distinguishes it from the other programs either and I have books for the other choices that cover the programs in depth and I need to eliminate something.

I am still primarily leaning towards doing the program twice, probably the northern iowa first pass, and a little more intense higdon program (probably novice 2) on the second pass (though I can change my mind as we get closer as to which to do).  For the first pass, I am probably not going to stress about doing the final weeks’ absolute mileage since that would involve me actually running my own personal marathon at the end and could interfere with the start of the second pass.  Exactly what I will do will get worked out as we see how it goes.  I need to decide by Feb 27.

In terms of outdoor running, I realize I’ll absolutely be doing one on Sunday, since the gym is closed.  Just need to figure out exactly when I’ll squeeze it in to the day.  (I also have to do New Year’s day but the gym is open).

As a side note – these other runners are annoying.  On Sundays, when I used to do Arc Trainer/Elliptical at 7:30 AM, I had my pick of machines, usually only 2-3 other people on them, a few more by the end at 8:30/9AM.  There are as many treadmills as arc trainers/ellipticals combined probably and they are almost full each Sunday when I start.


  • Completed C25K Week 4, started Week 5.  Feeling good still and the calories are up to a satisfactory level now for the time spent.  Expect to break 3 miles in Week 6.
  • Completed my first ‘marathon’ mileage wise.  Probably going to have to start doing them faster than 4 weeks.
Metric Last Week In Total
Mileage Run: 8.75 miles 32.72 miles
Longest Run: 2.96 miles 2.96 miles
Longest Run Time: 31:40 mm:ss 31:40 mm:ss
Longest Run Pace: 10:42 min/mile 10:42 min/mile

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. Sounds pretty good there J. 😀

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