Acquaintances Left Behind

As we near the end of the year, a bit of a review of acquaintances left behind.

Warning – disturbing images below the cut.

Volcano Burrito Mmm, a delicious and spicy fast food item, but at 800 calories, a love I can no longer afford, especially since we always got together with some of your friends..
 Chalupa  .. like the beef baja chalupa twins at 410 each.  Now when we pass by each other, I spend time with Taco Bell’s more modestly caloried menu items.
 Big Mac  Another item, tasty 700+ calories with fries (fries I don’t even like that much..), we simply don’t get together anymore.  Don’t even travel in the same circles anymore.
   Ah, a Saturday or Sunday afternoon treat, in a modest medium or large, 700 – 900 calories.
   The start to every weekday morning at one point, but now we only meet once in a blue moon.
   You lasted a bit longer than some of the others, but once we started counting calories, you and your friend large coffee with whole milk and sugar had to go.  To hard to keep within the bounds of the day if you are at 700 calories and it’s only 8 am.
   The other breakfast of champions, only 200 calories for one, but who has just one, when they come in a lovely pair?
   Once you pop, you can’t stop.  At least until the can is empty.  Most satisfying was 2-3 at once.
   Mmm, tostitos what does the name even mean?  Baked for mildly less damage than other chips, but still so far from an ideal snack.
   I remember having my first one on a road trip with friends to Six Flags in New Jersey.  But we’ve grown apart this last year.
   I must admit, I miss you Turkey Hill.  And your other friends in the other brands.  And the other variants with peanut butter (my kryptonite).  180 calories doesn’t sound so bad, but we both know I was having way more than 1/2 a cup.
   Mmm, reese’s with such artificial peanutbuttery goodness.  In so many seasonal shapes as well as Easter bunnies, they were the best, but regular cups would do in a pinch, especially some Big Cups.  With some peanut butter ice cream.
   Two brands with such different tastes, but still the same underneath.  From noon-til-midnight these ‘friends’ made up the bulk of my drink.  I wonder why I have 4 crowns on my teeth, hmm.

Not all relationships survive the test of time, and not all relationships are healthy. Perhaps some will be revived in the future on a limited basis, but right now, I’m better off without them.

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. Great post – love it!

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