Phase II Weekly Weigh-In: Week 8 (Happy New Year Edition)

Category Weights(lbs)
Starting Weight: 214.8
Target Weight: 199.0
End Of Week 7 Weight: 203.5
End Of Week 8 Weight: 202.5
Week Over Week Change: -1.0
Total Weight Loss So Far: -12.3
Average Per Week So Far: 1.53 lbs/week

Happy New Year!  Hope you all had a safe one!

Tougher than the holidays themselves has been being off all week with all the leftovers laying around.  Thankfully, almost all are gone now and we are pretty much back to our regular schedule starting on Tuesday.

Now off to the gym!

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. I hear you! Time to stop the “see” food diet. I’m ready.

  2. Happy New Year! I can’t get back to normal until Next Week! YIKES weeks off plan makes you NERVOUS!

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