Don’t do it girl!

I sit near a TV at work (blessedly on mute) generally set to business news, but you still get commercials as well.  This one keeps catching my eye.

Note I only heard the dialogue for the first time writing this post, so watch in mute with me 🙂

And I can’t help but think each time – girl, she kept the oatmeal and gave you the mcmuffin!  Keep eating those and you’ll get your own mcmuffin top!   Might be similar calories – but that sandwich looks less filling, so you’ll be snacking, and it has way more cholesterol.

And it’s a gateway mcmuffin to the worse – the sausage and egg mcmuffin (450 cal)!  Or even worse – the sausage and egg mcgriddle (560 cal)!  And you’ll be popping hash browns (150 cal ea) to smooth it out!  Don’t do it!  You won’t be skinny for loonnnnng!

Comparison of the oatmeal vs mcmuffin.

As a person who has had people work for me, I’m also disappointed in the boss – I’ve never sent someone out to get me food (unless it was a specific run for something and it was a group thing).  I’ve seen people do it and it’s looks tacky to me.  Also, I’m afraid I’d wind up with exactly what happens here – due to lack of clear instructions the boss is sitting on not 1 breakfast, but 4 (one given away).  Betcha she eats the other 2 as well for 900 total calories.

(Also – I didn’t see her give you any money – I hope she payed you back cause you’re probably not making enough to treat the boss to 4 breakfasts every day!)


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  1. LOVE IT! “Mcmuffin top”…lol Such a great comeback for when my co-workers are eating McCrap for breakfast!

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