I am scheduled to be a featured blog on fitblogger today.  Below is a copy of the post.

Weight loss, getting healthier, setting targets, tracking progress, marathon training, strength training, low testostorone and a little fun and philosophy once in a while?  That’s the kind of thing  you’ll find me, smiley face J., talking about over at 52 Weeks, 52 Pounds.

I started almost on a whim last year, when I casually observed that I had lost a pound a week for 4 weeks starting on my 39th birthday.  I wondered if I could keep it up for a year and lose 52 pounds by my birthday in May 2012.  Well, I’ve since beaten that target, and nearing completion on Phase 2, and just set the targets for Phase 3.  I don’t follow any particular dietary program (Atkins, etc) or surgical tools.  Just eating better foods, eating less of themand moving more.  I try and focus on continuous improvement.

Each week, I post on the schedule below, plus occasional random other posts:

  • Sundays – Weekly Weigh-In and thoughts about the week
  • Mondays – Marathon Training (more on this)
  • Tuesdays – Prior weeks Lose It! summary (accountability!)
  • Wednesdays – Whatever Wednesday, random topic of the week like this.
  • Fridays – Around the Web, collection of interesting links and articles I found interesting that week

In addition, since I met my initial goal so easily, to stay motivated, I have recently set a new goal to complete the 2012 NYC Marathon.  I’ve gotten a guaranteed spot, so it’s just down the the training (and running 26.2 miles on the day)!  I post about that on Mondays!  After the marathon, I’m sure I’ll set some new kind of goal.  Hope to see you around!

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About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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