Phase III Weekly Weigh-In: Week 2

Category Weights(lbs)
Starting Weight: 197.9
Target Weight: 187.0
End Of Week 1 Weight: 196.1
End Of Week 2 Weight: 193.7
Week Over Week Change: -2.4
Total Weight Loss So Far: -4.2
Average Per Week So Far: 2.1 lbs/week

Pretty pleased with the week.  Good on food and exercise, but was a bit hectic so not enough sleep.  Showed during the week where the trend was down but erratic.  An extra dose of exertion (bit of construction/reorganizing that went on longer than expected) and a good night’s sleep and poof, down.  Now off to the gym (where I hope this stiffness from yesterday wears off)!

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. Wow! Great job! Sleep is so important. I wish someone would explain that to my children. 🙂

    • yea, I hear you on kid. BTW, good timing because I was just tidying up the blogroll and noticed that Google Reader is no longer receiving feed notices on your RSS feed. Last post in GR is from Dec 2. Might want to follow up with your host.

  2. Marcia Stehouwer

    It’s amazing how much difference a good nights sleep makes!

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