The Check-Up

I had my annual physical a week and a half ago.  To be honest, I hadn’t been for four years, so not quite annual, but I had been annually for a few before that.  Even I was shocked that it had been four years, thinking it had been two.  Will have to stay on top of this as it’s not a fear of doctors or what they’ll say (even when I was overweight).  Probably part of the problem is the need to book it 3 months in advance at my doctor’s which I never remember until I go to book it and 3 months turns out to be a bad time for whatever reason and then I forget to call back.

A much more pleasant experience than last time, in any case, where I believe I weighed in around 290 and blood pressure hovering just around the pre-hypertension zone (120/80) and was afraid he was going to tell me I had Type II Diabetes and need to stab myself with a needle every hour.

Weight:  Their scales had me at 200 when I had me at 195.  I reckon the real net difference to be around 2.5-3 pounds between the scales.  Different time of day plus clothing and plus I seemed to have stuffed my pants with about a pounds worth of electronics for some reason (I weighed the gear after, it was a pound between phone, blackberry, stuffed wallet, misc bits and keys).  So overall, happy.

Blood Pressure:  112/72 which is in the normal range.

Bad Cholesterol:  78, very good.

Good Cholesterol:  55, pretty good.   (see info).

I think he gave me some other number as well which I don’t recall which came in good as well.  Then he told me to take fish oil supplements and to consider starting the daily aspirin gig for old folks (thins the blood, helps prevent heart attacks).  We talked about my lack of regularity and he more or less recommended the same thing I had started, which was to add some fiber – though he recommended adding it at night instead of the morning.  I need to action all of these items but I need to get some time to hit Walgreens or CVS first.

The bad news.

I’m now only officially 5′ 9″.  5′ 10″ was always a touch of a round up for me, but dangnamit, I’m too young to be shrinking.  It also shaves a couple of pounds off my BMI range which I think are too low to begin with.

He then irritated me with two things.  He hadn’t read my previous checkup I think because he didn’t comment on the change.  I kind of prompted it and he looked back and then commented on doing a good job.  I wanted my pat on the head and not have to ask for it!  🙂

Then he compounded it and told me I was at a good weight now.  Now, I know I haven’t set a final target and will be feeling my way there towards the end for the ‘right’ number.  But seriously, I am not at a good stopping weight now.  I could EASILY afford to lose 10 more pounds.



About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. That always ticks me off when they don’t even notice after you KNOW they Nagged you to death every time you came in before. My doc had trouble recognizing me so he looked back and did notice, but he said some really DUMB things to me while I was there.

    You are the only one who knows what your right weight is. I understand why that ticked you off. My family wants me to stay at 165.5–I really liked my size better at 156 than I do this weight. The muscle is pushing the fat out and I feel WAY bigger than I did before I started working out. I know it will shrink, but everyone hounding met to stop losing is making me a touch agitated.

  2. Those numbers are great J.

    I’m totally with you re the pat on the back. It’s just ‘nice’ (hate that word) for a professional to recognise your achievements. Shonnie is right, they spend enough time telling us how bad we are. For once, say I’m doing great.

    Who needs em’ !!!

    J, you are doing an amazing job and amazing is not an exaggeration.

  3. Can’t wait to see my ob/gyn for my annual exam and wow the hell out of her. She told me I should try to drop about 10-15 pounds – when I was nearing 220! By the time I see her this year, I hope to be in the 150 range … I expect fireworks.

  4. I think my family doctor wouldn’t even recognise me so I am not expecting much lol

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    • Freebie sites can’t install plugins. I can’t say I’ve spent any time at all on seo for this site but I’m surprised by at least some of it like tags because I don’t use any. WordPress may be doing this automatically and quite possibly again outside of control for freebie account.

  6. I always hate it when people tell me I’m fine at my current weight. Hate it! I want to scream “I weigh 166 pounds! That’s not fine!” 🙂

    • i think it’s all relativity. compared to the rest of the waiting room, I am starting to look pretty good. but still – no excuse for giving me a hall pass.

  7. Great Job J! numbers good and you feel better. Doctors are dorks…you will know when you hit your goal, you’ll know when it is right!

  8. I have never had an annual check up despite getting one for free with my health care programme. I’ve always hated being told I’m overweight and having someone prod me. I think this year will be the year I go!

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