The Road To 2012 NYC Marathon – Summary of T-39 Week.

5K Race Highlights

  • 26:58.7 for 3.1 miles – 6.89 mph – 8:42 min/miles.  119 out ~600 registrants (I don’t think all 600 showed tho, maybe 450-500?).  They seemed to believe everyone had finished the race around 48 minute mark.
  • I wore my new sneakers for the first time (not the smartest move but it worked out, and I was glad I did, comfort wise)
  • The snow was falling while we were running, but it was not sticking to pavement, just wet.  We mostly ran on pavement, but about 1/3 was trail, and there the snow covered the ground and I almost went down in one spot because of a hidden dip.
  • The course had a love affair with one hill.  We were funneled from the start (in the parking lot) almost immediately up a nasty hill (about 70 foot climb on an overpass style hill).  As soon as we went up and then down the hill, we immediately turned around and did it AGAIN going the other way.
  • After that the course had hills, but not so bad, but we had to do the same hill AGAIN at near the end (up, down, turn around, up, down).
  • I was pretty conservative in going for starting position in the pack and was about 2/3 back.  I quickly realized I was going faster than the nearby crowd, and it took a bit to work my way through.  I reckon that cost me about 30-60 seconds on total time because of making my way through especially because we were still tightly packed during the first hill which slowed people even more (a few people near where I started I saw come in around the 40 minute mark as they were distinctively dressed).
  • I also thought 5k was 3.6 miles for some reason, not 3.1.  I would have sprinted sooner had I not realized, and maybe shaved a few more seconds off.
  • I carried my own water bottle with me even though they provided, more as continued training to run with it.  They also provided a post-race snack – some sort of drink box, banana and a really unhealthy looking muffin.  I was glad to have decided to use the race an opportunity to try one of several energy bars (more on this).
  • I also tried one of those energy gel’s (15 before every 45) as way of a testing taste and effects.  I noticed no real discernible difference, but it is a short one.
  • I did take some pre-race pics (bottom).  I will try race pics when it warms up because right now the gloves don’t register on the phone screen.  I was just too pumped to take any post-race pics.

Other highlights:

  • Bought new sneakers from pro who looked my feet over.  Glad I did, my existing shoes were apparantly not running sneakers (running shoes don’t flex in the middle of the sole, mine were very flexible).  Wound up in some very comfortable Mizuno’s after trying a few pairs.  No issues after 5k.
  • Completely and utterly messed up my training schedule this week.  At some point, I must have thoughtfully re-arranged my schedule for this week to run Mon/Wed and use 5k as Day 3.  When the reminder came up on Monday, I instead said, ‘what the heck is this!?  I don’t run on Mondays!’  and moved everything back completely forgetting about Saturday.  Until after the Wednesday night run when I said, ‘Uh, I’m supposed to run hard the night before the race?  Idiot!’
  • So I did  Week 2 Day 1, a partial Week 2 Day 2 and the 5k.  And I had Sunday off since I was a little sore from the friday/saturday combo, and was overbooked for Sunday as it was.  This is why weekly mileage is down.  I’ll be doing Bridge-2-10K Week 2 over again next week.
  • I did hit the 1 hour mark on that first day tho.
  • I purchased a smattering sample of energy gel packs and energy packs.  For the marathon and half marathon, drinks, including sport drinks will be provided, and they recommend you find out the brand/flavor to get used to it ahead of time.  But you’ll need to decide on your own food refueling strategy for the big races, and you need to decide the same once the training runs get longer (over an hour).  They recommend you try a few .  Even though the 5k is short, I figured I would bring a sample with me to see how they taste.  I’m going to use a page to track any notes.
Metric Last Week In Total
Mileage Run: 13.63 miles 128.51 miles
Longest Run: 6.13 miles 6.13 miles
Longest Run Time: 1:00:00 hh:mm:ss 1:00:00 hh:mm:ss
Longest Run Pace: 9:47 min/mile 9:47 min/mile

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  1. Glad your shoes worked out – and glad you didn’t wipe out on the hidden dip.

    Thanks for bringing the Bridge-2-10K to my attention. I’ve hit a point where I want to try to go further, but once I stop, I’m afraid I won’t start again. Doing the first week of 10 run/1 walk x 4 should help me adjust to taking a little water break & then getting right back to it.

  2. Sounds like you had a great race. the shoe thing sound good too. I plan on visiting some folks here in town that specialize in running shoes. I am diabetic and have to protect those feet of mine. 🙂

    Keep us posted on how things go–learning from you. 🙂

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