Phase IV

So probably a few weeks to go on Phase III, but starting to contemplate the what’s next.  I won’t be done at 187, I still have no real final thoughts on a final weight goal.  But I am thinking we are starting to be in a nearby zip code.

I am also thinking, while these small sub-goals are productive, they might get a bit tedious if I set a sequence of 2-3 pound goals.  ‘Hey we’re just getting ready to start Phase XXIXV!’  So I think Phase IV will be the final loss phase, and it will be open-ended with no target weight or goal date, though I will still aim for 1lb a week.  Phase V will be maintenance phase.  I will also start recording BF% I think, not so much for this phase, but so I have something to measure against in maintenance as I will allow positive gains that are muscle. (I’m not entirely sure I trust the scale’s BF% tho, it’s a little hydration sensitive.)

That doesn’t mean I don’t have any clue.  From 187, I’m pretty sure losing another 5 is a good idea.  I’d say another 10 wouldn’t be improbably.  15 or more is where I start to think that’s probably the high end.  But I’ll keep an open mind on it.

So what do you all think about an undefined phase?



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40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. Well, just so long as you do become a super model I think we are good. 😉 You could have a lot of muscle shifting. i know I have.

  2. I always wondered how those work or if they work lol

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