Deep thoughts..

.. I haz nonez.

It’s actually been a race to the deadline the last few weeks for my normal Wednesday post, and this week I’m coming up empty and the day is nearly done.  I did have a post sort of written, but quite honestly, didn’t like it much and trashed it (I may retry it at some point in the future but it needs a from scratch retry anyway).

Holidays are over, things are going reasonably well, nothing particularly exciting to report or dwell on!

I could talk about getting some more clothes (yea those jeans I bought in November are nearing involuntary fall-down size now).  But I’ve done that.

I could discuss the on-going weight bounces I have (a combination of exercise water loss and too much yogurt), but again, I’ve done that.

I did go skiing over the weekend, and I can say skiing at 190 is WAY better than skiing at 270+ which is what I was last year.  I was back in my original clothing I bought in 1994.

So I leave you with that and we shall see if inspiration strikes next week!  Or if anyone has some ideas be happy to tackle a challenge!


About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. 1994 clothing is absolutely worthy of a brag! You may not have a whole lot of thoughts to share, but a quick update is always fun too.
    Here’s something – are you finding that strangers treat you differently based on your size? Is there anything you’ve noticed about your interactions with the outside world that is striking you in some way?

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