Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes..Part Deux

Stuff I’m noticing since 45 pounds ago:

  • Mirrors – I like ’em.
  • Fat ears?  My earphones, the same clip-over-ear brand/style (not the same actual headphones) that I’ve comfortably used for a decade suddenly won’t stay on the ear.  They kind of vibrate off as I run.  Add wind when outside, nearly impossible to keep them on.  Didn’t even think ears could have fat.
  • When I hold my hand out with fingers spread, there’s an indent right where the hand meets the wrist on the thumb side.
  • Skinny people – what’s up with not telling us about this winter is cold stuff?  I spent all winter saying ‘Brr, I’m cold.’  I think I said it more than my wife.  I started wearing long-sleeve shirts.  It was a mild winter too!  This didn’t used to be an issue much.  I hope summer works out better too now.
  • About 10-15 pounds ago, I started finally noticing loose skin areas.  Not a ton, but definitely some, and will be in the areas I still have fat left to lose.  Still, beats being overweight.
  • For the gym, I continue to wear the same sweatpants and t-shirts I bought 90 pounds ago.  My wife laughs at them on me.
  • Kitchen/dining room chairs with arms – comfortable.
  • I really, really need to do something about the wedding ring.
  • Not prepared to declare the love handles done and dusted, but we’re definitely down to a single layer.
  • I better watch out – I like clothes-shopping.

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  2. LOL who knew ears could be fat?
    My BF noticed the cold thing too when he lost weight. He also says he noticed sitting for long periods was uncomfortable – less fat cushioning!

  3. Lol thanks for sharing!

  4. I second that whole “winter is cold” sentiment! We, too, had a *very* mild winter, but I found myself freezing! I have not even owned a coat of any kind in more than a decade…but I was certainly wearing long sleeves and bundling up this year!

    I also second the sitting is uncomfortable with less cushion (in the above comment). I have to fold yoga mats at least twice to put under my tush when I’m doing V-crunches or Russian twists because it feels like my tail bone is sitting directly on the wooden floor. Ick! LOL


  5. I know exactly what you mean by that little divot in your hands. Mine are starting to show up too. It’s the little things, right? (And hurray for clothes-shopping! Welcome to the dark side!)

  6. You can totally feel the cold more after losing weight! I always liked the reappearance of my collarbone and hip bones the most. I’m not ridiculously thin or anything, but my bones are mahoosive.

  7. I love everything about this! For me, it was my feet. I’ve gone down an entire shoe size. I didn’t realize my feet were fat!

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