To Be A Runner?

When I originally started, a number of people commented/asked if I wanted to be a runner.  At the time, I said I had no idea.  I knew I wanted to accomplish the marathon, but to be ‘a runner’.. who knew?  Not me.

300 miles in, I think I have the inkling of an answer.  Not particularly.

Do I enjoy the progress I’m making?  Absolutely.  I ran 10 miles on Sunday, straight.  I never would have thought it possible a year ago.

Do I still want the marathon accomplishment?  Absolutely.  I am committed to the program.

Do I hate running?  Absolutely not, I don’t dread the training sessions, but I can’t say I get pumped up for them either.

Do I feel comradely solidarity with other runners on the road?  Mildly, more that hey we’re all keeping fit more than hey there runner.

Do I think I’ll continue to run after the marathon?  As part of a general fitness program, almost certainly.  As a primary cardio activity?  Probably not.

I compare it to how I feel about rollerblading.  I used to enjoy rollerblading.  Look forward to it.  Make plans to do it.  I can’t say the same about running.

Can all this change in the next 6 months?  Sure.  Maybe the runner’s high will kick in.  I’ve also read of people with similar situations feeling the same way and then realizing they missed the running once they stopped after they finished their marathon.

That said there are running related things that seem to tug at me.  Mini-triathlons seem interesting.  The tough mudder events seem interesting too.

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. I’m one of those that missed running when I stopped. It is the BEST thing for me for stress relief. but I still have to push myself to get started. I get it – go J go!

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