Food Reviews: Special K Crackers, Special K Chips and Fiber One Bars

Brief notes on some things I’ve recently tried.

Special K Crackers
Regular and Herb. These crackers are similar size to a Wheat Thin, a little thicker but not as dense. I haven’t had Special K in a while, but I don’t think they taste like what I recall. To be perfectly honest, the first time I tried regular, I didn’t like it, but it mostly was about it not being what I expected. It’s cracker shaped, but texture is not cracker like. That said, they grew on me, and I enjoyed them after the initial trial.

What I really like about what Special K did is they seem to understand the satisfaction of quantity. These are 110 calories for 24 crackers. That’s double the cracker count than wheat thins. You can eat 4-5 for barely any. I wouldn’t want to use these as a primary every day snack, but as an periodic snack, sure. Definitely more satisfying I think that a 100 calorie cereal bar or some such.

Two thumbs up.

Special K Chips
Salt, Cheddar, Ranch or Sour Cream & Onion.  These are roughly the size of a tostito bite size chip. They are about 2-3 times thicker, but also less dense. Once again, mastery of the satisfaction of quantity – 27 chips for 110 calories. That said, these guys are not going to even remotely satisfy a chip craving. They are even further from chips than the crackers are from crackers. Not bad, but the Sour Cream & Onion flavor came nowhere close to Pringle satisfaction (though obviously pringle satisfaction can only be had one half of  a can at a time, so not entirely fair). Again, something to include in the mix for variety, but not a regular go to snack for me.

One thumb sort of up.

Fiber One 90 Calories Chocolate Peanut Butter
I’m going to be very specific about the flavor I had, well, because I don’t have anything nice to say about it. It’s possible the other flavors are better, but I’ll be in no hurry to try. To be blunt, it tasted like what I imagine weak sewage to taste like. The primary culprit seemed to be the PB flavoring, as it was worse when I bit that side tongue down. I’d also say, it tasted nothing like PB. I could tell it was trying as it was somewhere in the right city, but not anywhere close. I battled my way through the box to not waste anything, but it was not fun. In addition to the taste, as with other 90 calorie bars, if you find those unfilling, you’ll find more of the same here.

Two thumbs down.

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  1. The special K crackers are great with dips!

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