The Road To 2012 NYC Marathon – Summary of T-24 Week.

Weekly Highlights:

  • Northern Iowa Week 11.  5,8,5, 16.  No increase in long run this week.
  • Went back to the same trail as last week again as I was thinking the mid-run restroom might be needed (and it was).
  • It absolutely pored the first 75 minutes of the run.  Between the trees, clouds and rain, the phone GPS struggled.  Thankfully I also have the Garmin so was able to pace out the 16 miles.
  • First 16 miler where when I hit 13 miles I actually kicked up the pace (a little) to finish as opposed to thinking something along the lines of (!@#!$!#$!!! 3 more miles?!!$#$# Will this torment never end?)
  • Getting near 500 miles!  And soon will be over 500 miles on the shoes too..almost time to replace!  Wow!
Metric Last Week In Total
Mileage Run: 36.3 miles 490.64 miles
Longest Run: 16.44 miles 16.51 miles
Longest Run Time: 2:32:54 hh:mm:ss 2:32:08 hh:mm:ss
Longest Run Pace: 9:18 min/mile 9:13 min/mile

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. Marcia Stehouwer

    I found that I had that ^*&( moment with about 3 miles (5k) left. I started singing very loudly to whatever was on my Ipod at the time. I’m wondering if it always hits you that way, or only if you’re running/walking alone.

    • hmm hard to say – i do so much of my running alone. When I did previous increases, things weren’t too bad. Then we had the half-marathon which had lots of crowds and distractions. 16 was the first up-tick I struggled with – part of it was that I was supposed to do 14 the week before, not 13.1 and last week I had done a number on my knees the day before with housework – so was nice to not be out of steam this week.

  2. Go J Go, you are amazing. Who knew that this is where your path would lead. Keep going – you can do it! m

  3. Great run! 16 miles is amazing and to finish strong as well is really impressive.

    I love my garmin and rely on it a lot to make sure I’m not running at some whacky pace that is nowhere near the plan. Though it did throw a wobbly half way through my half marathon and claimed I had run 78 kilometres. Can’t say I blame it, I certainly felt that I had by the end!

    • Yes I like having two. I find the Garmin very hard to read at night (whenever I try to find a light button I manage to stop or turn off the Garmin). But I’ve had an issue or two with the phone as well at times.

      I mostly rely on my body to determine pace. I typically start with 7:30 min miles but then drop down to 8:15 to 8:30 for bulk or run. 9s if tired or near end. I do check the pace occasionally but only adjust if I think i am slacking. My time per mile is not the fastest but I can sustain it and its not slow either.

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