Around the Web – June 8

I was poking around people who recently subscribed to my blog and I found this guy.  He’s excellent at making me look like an underachiever!

Improved running training program from Denmark, 1/2 the time for 5ks.

Eat well guide for traveling.

Fitness trainer gains weight to better understand clients (but I think he probably only got a tiny taste of it).

Not that water is bad, but again, the 8 glasses a day myth takes a knock.

Via Hungry Grumpy, an interesting update on salt.

Want a raise?  Hit the gym.


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40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. I’ve seen that trainer who gained 70 pounds story before, but I hadn’t seen the detail that his wife added at the end of this version – how he used to not be interested in her treats, but now, he is tempted by them. If I were mean, I’d say that is his punishment for having such a simplistic, judgmental outlook towards people with weight issues. But it does seem like interesting anecdotal evidence of the fact that gaining significant amounts of weight can change (permanently?) your body chemistry and make keeping it off harder.

    I hope he never judges someone doing push-ups on his or her knees harshly again!

    • yea, i think he got a tiny taste of the difficulties – he only let himself go for 6 months. He’d have to imagine the difficulties of a lifetime of bad habits.

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