The Down Sides .. (Better late than never..)

Yea, a little late this week. Work has been busy (in a generally good way but still busy) and the topic block is still with me to some degree.

Thought I’d share a few more changes I’m noticing, and focus on some of the negatives of being skinnier.
I already mentioned feeling the cold a lot more in winter (and in spring and early summer too!). So far, the hope about summer heat is working out, but we’re only a few days in and the humidity isn’t at max yet, but I’m wearing a suit and tie today and walked to the train station (0.8 of a mile) in the early evening heat and didn’t really break a sweat, didn’t feel the need to carry the jacker or even loosen the tie.

1. Chairs – wow! who designed these things! At some point someone commented that they’d heard this was an issue and it’s true! They are almost all uncomfortable. I would have thought skinny people would have designed things that didn’t require natural padding.

2. Lack of mass is a negative in some situations. When I was overweight I had some heft to me. It was wobbly but it was still mass. Walking down the street, I didn’t worry about getting out of someone’s way if they were coming at me. If they clipped me, I’d win. Even tho I’m more muscle-y now, I have a lot less mass – and that means it’s not such a pleasant experience anymore.

Similarly, I do find hefting some of my stuff around the workshop is a bit tougher or hauling around a 4×4 or even crushing big boxes a little more challenging due to relative mass.

3. Incessantly talking about weight loss. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to get the compliments, but I can see that talking about your transformation is going to get wearisome at some point. I’m not there yet (so feel free to ask me about it in real life), but I can kind of see that point coming.

All in all tho, I think I’m still ahead despite the negative points. 🙂

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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