A Year Of Blogging

So on the one hand, it feels like it’s been forever already, but on the other it seems to have flown by so fast – a year of blogging about weight loss that started on July 3rd.

A lot has changed in the year – obviously the pounds have come off, nearly a hundred of them in the year, more from the peak, – (For a July 4th tie in – I declare my independence from obesity!) jobs have been changed, goals have changed (hello marathon!), the diet has steadily improved, some things are gone (sweet coffee) and some things are introduced (whole wheat, fruit), the gym has both increased and decreased in its importance in my life.

The posting regime has changed from rather random to rather regimented. Followers have come and gone too (some good ones too) as they struggle with changes in their own lives (both good and bad). The blogroll requires more removals than I would like. That said, total hits broke 10k a while ago, and the link-sharing continues. Surprisingly, my food review of venetian apricot chicken at olive garden continues to get hits each day and actually is on the first page of Google search results.

It’s been an interesting experience blogging, and I hope to continue to do it even as life changes and goal changes have made it that much harder to come up with the time. The accountability aspect has been very implicit, as no one has called me out on my missed weeks (few and far between mostly), but the act of publishing the stats each week and the weekly Lose It! summary continues to make me think about what I eat some of the times when I need the reminder.

I can’t promise to lose another 100 pounds in the upcoming year but I can reduce a few more and can keep them off. I can finish the marathon goals and set new ones after that.

Here’s to another year!

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. yay, happy anniversary!

  2. I am new to your blog. Sounds like I missed a fabulous year! Will have to get caught up in the archives…

  3. Marcia Stehouwer

    Seeing your blog post in my inbox so often, as well as others from your blogroll, have helped me get back on course when I wander off. So thank you for a great blog and your encouragement. I’m looking forward to your post marathon notes!

  4. I know exactly what you mean, J. The time has both flown and crawled at once. It has been an excellent year reading about your journey (and it has certainly helped in mine). My year anniversary is this coming Tuesday (July 10th), so I have been doing a lot of reflection lately, too.

    Here’s to another year!!!


  5. Woohoo, oyu have stayed focused one year, that is 365 days of getting up and having the right mindset. I am sure things will continue to go well for you. And I like your declaration of independence from obesity. 😉

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