Phase IV Weekly Weigh-In: Week 21

Category Weights(lbs)
Starting Weight: 185.5
End Of Week 20 Weight: 167.9
End of Week 20 BF %: 22.8%
End Of Week 21 Weight: 166.2
End of Week 21 BF %: 22.8%
Week Over Week Change: -1.7
Total Lost: -19.3
Average Per Week So Far: 0.92 lbs/week
Are we there yet? Getting there

I suspect this is a little off due to the craziness at work continues with sleep deprivation (got 2 hours on Wednesday night).  Today’s late blog post is down to crashing last night and sleeping late this morning so it’s probably a touch lower than really since I haven’t eaten for a while.  But still, generally pleased with how I held up under stress.  There were some dark thoughts of food but I managed to defer and evade most of them, and converted a few into well, I’ll eat something nice, but it will still be healthy (like a fruit salad snack or some such instead of some multi-hundred calorie monstrosity).

…Now off to the road!

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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