Summertime Running

Thankfully the summer has been rather mild for the most part here in the greater NYC area.  So the running outside hasn’t been too bad, but still, I come back rather sweaty.  That’s when this plays out..

Heading to the bathroom for a shower.  Hands grab onto shirt to pull it off (don’t worry this isn’t 52 shades of gray)..

Head:  Humming along tiredly..

Hands:  (partway pulling the shirt up)  Eww WTF this is disgusting!  (Let go of shirt which falls back down)

Body:  (much like a boiled frog, previously ignorant of the disgusting sweat infused material covering it, has been woken up) AAAAAAAAAAA, get it off get it off GET IT OFFFF!!!!

Hands:  No way am I touching that again.

Body:  Cmon cmon cmon it’s gross.  Just grab it quick.

Hands:  Nuh-uh

Head:  Humming along tiredly…

Legs:  Hey knock it off up there.  We’ve been running for miles carrying you lot and we want a hot shower and a sit down.

Body:  (Wailing on the ground gibbering) get it off get it off get it off

Legs:  Don’t make us come up there!

Hands:  Alright alright.  Pull shirt up.

Face:  (suddenly covered in sweaty shirt) (muffled) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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