The Road To 2012 NYC Marathon – Summary of T-6 Week

Week 11 of training – final week of 5, 8, 5, 16.  I mentioned yesterday what a crazy week it was.  On top of it, I was trying to alter my running schedule to accommodate some logistics issues for this week, so I ran Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon instead of my usual Tue/Wed/Fri/Sun(morning).

Because I was so tired (seriously running 8 miles when you’ve gotten 4.5 hours of sleep across the two previous nights is not fun) I did all my running outside.  The treadmill may be physically less taxing, but I find it mentally much more demanding from a willpower perspective.  The 16 miler was ROUGH, again due to tiredness and odd timing of run (1:30 in the afternoon instead of 7:30am).  When you are saying to yourself, “OK if you can do 1 mile you can do 16, OK if you can do 2 you can do 16” for the first ten miles or so, it seems pretty sad.  So I was extra shocked that I only ran it about 3 minutes slower.

Metric Last Week In Total
Mileage Run: 36.62 miles 877.03 miles
Longest Run: 16.46 miles 18.00 miles
Longest Run Time: 2:30:54 hh:mm:ss 2:47:44 hh:mm:ss
Longest Run Pace: 9:10 min/mile 9:04 min/mile

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40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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