What comes next?

As my various calendars and emails keep reminding me, the NYC marathon is just a tad over a month away.  I’ve been pretty focused on the training and busy with work, but people are starting to ask me … what’s next?

I don’t have much of an answer.  Partly, I’m so busy, haven’t had much time to think about it.  Partly, cause I really have no idea.  I’ve commented earlier that I’m not especially in love with running.  I can’t say I’d sign up to run another marathon ever again (tho again, some people capture the bug AFTER their first one, so I’m not ruling it out either).  In addition to the time and effort going into training for it, I dislike how I avoid doing other things (rollerblading) because I’m afraid of injury.  I also don’t like the lack of control over my eating I have at the higher mileages (body is just saying – SEE FOOOD!!!!! EEEEEAAAAATTTT ITTTTTT!!!!!!! NOM NOMNOM NOMNOMNOMNOM!!!!).

That said, I don’t mind the half-marathon distances(heck I’ve just done a half-marathon or more each of the last four Sundays all by myself), AND I am in lover with the calorie burn efficiency of running vs other options at my current weight.   The training for half’s is a bit less strenuous for those, so I could definitely see myself maybe doing one of those a year.  So definitely some running just not marathon lengths.

I also was toying with idea of triatholons over the the past few months.  However, I was always a bit concerned about how fiddly it seems to do right, and my re-introduction to swimming due to injury has been a useful reality check on what I would need to do (least of which is pay for pool access).  Also, the thought of swimming in the hudson was never tempting and I recently read A.J. Jacobs book on getting healthy and it just reinforced my feeling of .. ick.   So probably not.

One idea I am toying with is restarting with couch-to-5k with the dog as she could use the exercise and would need the build up.  And as my kid gets better with the bike, I want to go for rides, so I am thinking of getting a bike might be a good idea (and confirming that I only hate the stationary bike, not real ones).  And .. rollerblading!  At least sometimes when the weather permits.

But I still think I need to shake-up my workout routine a bit more than this.  I’ve been plateaued the last few months.  Part of it is the running induced food monster not letting a calorie slip through and part of it has been work, but I think I also need a more radical workout shakeup to shock the system a bit for those final couple of pounds.  One idea I have is to go back to the strength focused program I originally started with but abandoned with the marathon training.

Any other ideas?

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40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. I cannot ever see myself doing a marathon–so I am major impressed with your efforts. For me all the exercise is about enjoying my life. Playing hard. So, I can understand your thoughts. 🙂

    • Yeah i didnt blade all summer just in case plus needing a rest day and i dont like that.

      • Yeah … training is tough, but fun. 😀 You will have a lot to be proud of when you are finished. I totally understand the whole weight loss and training debacle. All of it a fun challenge, but I want to play hard and have a fun fit life.

  2. Is there a rollerblading marathon equivalent? Might be fun to work towards!

    Or a triathlon?

  3. You have done such a phenomenal job! My husband did a 50 miler in July, has a marathon scheduled in November and then plans to work on speed for 5-10k distance races. So many fun choices, just find what you are passionate about and go for it!

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