Hurricane Madness

So that was some storm.  Everyone is safe and sound and we escaped with (what looks like) minor damage.  Many trees (including my neighbor’s) are down and clearly people are way worse off.  So like most Long Islanders, we are without power or internet (I’m at my folks right now for the day squatting) but otherwise alright.

So far the NY Marathon is still on for sunday.  How I will pick up my kit and stuff – who knows?  How will I get there – who knows?  How will the family get there – ditto.

I went for my run this morning and feel pretty determined.  Also – I need to burn off all this excess ‘hurricane’ food I’m eating.  Being bored in the house with lots of food that will spoil is not a good combo.  Having to eat out at meals – not a good combo.

I did not post my weekly weigh-in this week – combination of things (mom’s birthday, storm concern, needing to get out early for run) meant I forgot to weigh in at normal time.  I posted a mid-day weigh in to Lose It (as you can see, and it weren’t pretty).  Which is a shame too cause up to Saturday was finally dropping the conference weight.

Also – happy halloween!


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40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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