1,000 miles and T-? Summary

So I went for my final walk tonight, I’ll be honest, I skimped it 2.5 miles instead of 3.  With the wife and kid.  That’s 9.74 for the week, which brings me to a grand total of 1,003.09 miles of mostly running for the last 51 weeks..

This morning I was pretty pumped up thinking about this post, but a lot has changed since then, since I went for my walk after they announced that they were cancelling the marathon after all (and why I didn’t feel bad about skimping my 1/2 mile).

I understand the decision, but they should have made it on Tuesday.  The whipsaw of the ride has left me feeling pretty bitter.

It’s been a really crazy few months, and training for it, while adding to the stress at times, has mostly helped keep me on the straight and narrow.  Now I feel like I have nothing tangible to show for it.  Worse I’ve sacrificed a lot and so has my family while training.  Trust me, when I say you don’t really feel like doing a heck of a lot after a 16 mile run now matter how much you try.  My wife’s put up with a lot.  Barely saw me some weeks.  Between work and running, my woodworking hobby was shelved.  Again little to show for it (yes, I’ve stayed fit, but I didn’t need to do 10 half marathons+ for that).  Nor did I exactly discover my hidden passion for running.

Actually worse, I feel like I have fake trophies, because I went to the expo today.  I got my runner’s badge, my d-tag is already on my sneaker, and I bought two shirts to wear afterwards (in addition to the free one) and a coffee mug.  Now I feel like I have no right to them, no interest in them.  I half want to return them (I already emailed asics), I half want to trash them, and I half want to put them in storage and sell it in 20 years as an errata item (can you believe those dopes in 2012!).  I’m feeling fairly negative about my 2012 in-training shirt and hat right now too.

And even if I didn’t have much of a post-marathon plan, that was alright.  It was going to be a plan-less POST-MARATHON.

Now I’m just a dope w/o a plan.  I’m not sure what I’m doing Sunday much less going forward.  I’d taken off a long weekend to recover, I might go back to work on Monday, not sure.  When I get the info whether I can refund or defer I’m not sure what I’m going to do.  Cause I certainly don’t feel like training for another marathon.

Anyway I’m going to mope offline now since I’m not fit company for people or varmints right now.

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40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. I have been waiting for this post since I heard the news…

    No chance of running a “replacement” marathon? Maybe with some other disgruntled NY marathoners? call it a Screw Sandy Road Race?

    Either way, don’t fade. don’t fall off the rails…. I live vicariously through your posts and from a purely greedy standpoint, I want you to keep posting lol

  2. I am very surprised that they cancelled. We spoke about it in work the other day and all of us figured that if anywhere in the world could rise up and make it happen it would be NY. I really thought it would go ahead in some shape or form.

    Like Cory I think you should consider a replacement marathon. I’m sure there will be others out there who feel the same and a movement will form. I know you probably don’t feel like it now but it would you sense of completion and your family would be incredibly proud of you.


    BTW … Miles Logged So Far: 1003.09 is an incredible achievement. That makes you an athlete in my mind irrespective of crossing the finish line.

  3. Marcia Stehouwer

    I thought about you when I heard – even here in Calgary – that they’d cancelled. Your blog posts are inspirational, your commitment is inspirational – your story – Why not use the souvenirs as a reminder of what you did accomplish. The run was and is just a run. My half marathon medal will end up in the toybox some day. But knowing what you are able to do when you set your mind to it – that is the prize. And you won!

  4. The first thing I thought of when I heard the marathon was canceled was your blog. And I’m afraid I have no words of wisdom to impart — it frankly sucks that this happened, and it frankly sucks that you and your family gave up so much for what probably feels like nothing. But you HAVE come all this way, and all that training does mean something. I’m confidently hopeful that you’ll find a way to reset your goals and your focus. (I’m selfishly hopeful for that too because I don’t want you to stop writing.)

    And I impressed with your resolve not to mope on your blog, since it seems like all I do is mope on mine. Page taken from your book, my friend.

  5. Brief update – I do want to reiterate that they probably made the right decision. It’s still a bitter pill tho. Especially if you go to the NYRR FB page and she the anti-run posts – so much bile and stupidity and double-standards (many of them argue it’s ok that the nfl and basketball games went ahead even tho it’s somewhat the same general issue and those organizations have done less charity work for NY than NYRR or the runners – not that all the runners posting are saints either).

    It’s another reason I felt wrong about I chose to avoid the alternative run anyway events people had. 1) they probably cancelled for the right reasons so trying to do it anyway is not right either 2) I wanted something more (this is what I did in instead of my 40th party) and 3) based on some of the bile on the FB pages, I was half surprised there were not incidents…

    I await further information on what will happen before making any plans.

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