T-14/T-39 – Cold Snap

Replaced the sneakers and the work shoes.  The feet are feeling improvement already.  Coldness kept me indoors for my mid-week run and work knocked me off schedule a bit, but we got all the runs in.

Started the week very bummed out because I lost more stamina/speed than expected from two months off.  I kept having to stop and walk a bit even on the short runs.  Was seriously depressing me and concerning me.  I can’t do 3 miles now, how will I do 26 in 15 weeks !@#$!!

But we had a turn for the positive this week.  I bowed to reality and slowed down a little at the start.  My main problem has been trying to start at my old speed as if I had no time off.  Then I’d get winded and have to walk and once that cycle starts, it’s hard to break.  Finally on my mid-week run I just knocked the treadmill down to 7.5mph in stead of 8mph to start (I normally increment speed a litte as I go).  All of a sudden, I could complete.  I did my 4 on the treadmill non-stop.  Once I did my four, I did my next 3 non-stop.  Outdoors on Sunday 6-er, I only took one brief unscheduled walk towards the end.

I feel much more positive now.  I started last year slower than this and I worked up to faster.  I’ve gotten past the mental blockage now.

Metric Last Week In Total
Mileage Run: 18.44 miles 36.4 miles
Longest Run: 6.6 miles 5.72 miles
Longest Run Time: 1:02:11 hh:mm:ss 1:02:11 hh:mm:ss
Longest Run Pace: 9:25 min/mile 9:25 min/mile

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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