Phase IV Weekly Weigh-In: Week 48

Category Weights(lbs)
Starting Weight: 185.5
Target Weight: 160.0
End Of Week 47 Weight: 179.0
End Of Week 48 Weight: 180.5
Week Over Week Change: +1.5
Total Lost: -5.0
Average Per Week So Far: 0.10 lbs/week
Weight Left: 20.5

Should have savored last weeks surprise down more since this is an extremely disappointing up.  I shouldn’t be surprised, since looking at it I’ve been over daily calories all week.  Definitely some bad choices in there.

Some good news is that I’m back on my meds after a production shortage meant I was two months overdue on treatment.  Would be nice to blame the struggles of the last two months on that (in combination with disappointment from NYC marathon cancellation and holidays) since low t reduces metabolism and muscle retention.  But reality is, that’s only a small part of it at most.

Now to figure out how I’m going to run this morning.  It snowed last night (not a lot, but enough to make it awkward)!

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40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. Don’t knock yourself around. You are still moving in the right direction overall.. I often had day and even weeks up on my way down.

    Replace the marathon with the Five Boro Bike Tour in May…..

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