T-10/T-35 – Lost Time

Knew I forgot to do something!

Crazy week.  First during the week, I wound up running Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday instead of Tue/Wed/Fri/Sun.  Work event on Wed and a late night Thursday meant I missed both days for mid-range run.  I was glad tho, Friday morning’s run with an extra day and a half rest was MUCH more pleasant.  Even came close to old speeds.

Sunday’s long run was interesting.  Final run in February and it eased up mildly on the temperature.

Lost some time around 4 mile mark due to a lost dog I found wondering the streets.  Thankfully dog was only a house away from home and ran there when I spooked him.  Rang the bell and the family took the dog inside.  Cost me a few minutes tho.  Not sure how to compare versus last time I did 11 – I am 9 minutes over, but I walked after the run for 3 1/2 minutes extra plus a few for the dog incident so sounds pretty good.

Metric Last Week In Total
Mileage Run: 26.64 miles 127.81 miles
Longest Run: 11.73 miles 11.73 miles
Longest Run Time: 1:55:51 hh:mm:ss 1:55:51 hh:mm:ss
Longest Run Pace: 9:53 min/mile 9:53 min/mile

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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