Long Island Marathon Recap

Did we finish?  Of course!

Net Finish Time – 4:00:18

Put me in the top half of finishers overall and for my age group.  That’s about a 9:11 average mile, though the standard deviation was WAY higher.  Was hoping for a sub 4 finish, and probably could have done it if not for some knee pains near the end.

Will put some pics up once I get organized and get the race ones.

Before The Race

As I mentioned, work was trying to do me in before the marathon.  I popped in an 80 hour week last week and we had things going on all day Saturday and into Sunday.  I ate like crap all week (I didn’t even record most of it because I had no time and then Between the stress from work and pre-race jitters I barely slept Saturday night.

Weather wise, the forecast was nice, but not super warm.  This year, race shirt was a long-sleeve, thin hoodie.  I decided to go with it and shorts.  I carried no water for myself, but brought two hammer nutrition bars.  Clothing worked out – I was thinking I was getting a bit warm towards the end, but then some wind gusts would make me glad to have the sleeves.


We are supposed to line up according to expected pace.  Based on past experience I went a bit more aggressive since there seem to be a lot of inconsiderate walker groups, and this seemed to work out.  I didn’t spend the first two miles dodging people while not causing too much issue for anyone around me.

I actually went a heck of a lot faster than I thought.  That taper plan does really rest you up.  I cranked out < 8 minute miles for the first 6, and kept it to around 8-8:10 minute miles through the half.  In fact, I blew up my cheering contingents plans.  I saw them at the 3 mile mark.  I got to the 12 mile mark (our next scheduled meet) before they did!  They got nearby to see me sailing by (with me trying to figure out where they were).

Looks like I  cranked out the half in 1:49:22, which is about 90 seconds slower than my half marathon last year.

2nd Half

This is where I paid the price for that speed.  I kept the 8:10-8:30 miles up to 17.  I took a scheduled walk and that was the beginning of the end.  I couldn’t crank up after that.  Also, the water stations after this point were not as good.  Prior to this point, the cups were overfull.  Now they were way under.  I was finding myself hitting a planned water stop and then needing to hit the next one or two.  One stop actually only had 2 people working and the first guy ran out of cups as I went to him and so did the second guy.  Lost precious momentum there.

Around mile 18 my knee started hurting as well.  I was particularly worried about that, it was the same knee from last year that sidelined me for a few weeks.  Miles 9-23 are on a highway with a lot of slope.  I started doing 10-11 minute miles at this point as I alternated between running and walking trying different sides, strides etc to get the knee going.  Saw my family at mile 20 and walked with them for 2 minutes.  In the end the only thing that seemed to help was getting onto side streets at mile 23 when the pain mostly went away on the flatter street.  The wall is real.

All that took a toll tho and I mostly ran/walked the remaining thee miles.  I did pull out a damn good final 1.2 tho with around 8:40 mile trying to beat the 4 hour mark.  I flew past the wife at the finish line (who had a little race of her own to get from 20 to finish line).


After a long shower, celebrated with a big dinner!  With 3700 calories under my belt I could eat what I wanted.  Still about 1200 calories under for the day.  I also was net down 5 pounds, but most of that is back from re-hydrating.  I wore my medal out to dinner.  I’m thinking of making it part of my official wardrobe.

I came out with 1 bad blister (where an existing training blister wasn’t quite healed) and what looks like is going to be one black and blue nail.  Better than expected.  When I took off the knee supports I can see why my knee started hurting.  They are shot.  Completely stretched out now.  Not enough support in the end.  I should have replaced them after last marathon training season I guess.

Today my upper body is ok.  My legs ache.  My knee hurts a bit.  Ankle on same side feels a bit tender too.  Overall, I feel better than I thought I would (like a Mack truck hit me).

What’s next?

I have about 2 1/2 weeks left to complete my sign-up for NYC in November.  I have to think about this.  I never thought I wanted to do more than one.  I can’t say completing one has got me itching to do another.

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. Yay, well done you! Hope all your aches and pains go away nice and quickly.

    • not too bad considering. I thought I’d feel like a truck hit me all over. Upper body is absolutely fine. Legs are sore but not bad. Knee is a little gimpy but again not bad. too with blister is a little painful but again overall, feeling better than expected. Like I was only hit by a scooter.

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